We are a 6 years old company with a team which has more than 10 years of experience in automotive industry. We believe in giving new life to your machine. Having said that we are into customization/modifications of cars.

SKG MODIFIERS provide Car modifications & customization services as per customers' requisite. We cater to the need of our clients by providing appropriate solutions through highly skilled craftsmanship.

Car Modifications can be done both to the engine as well as to the body of the car. While engine modifications can increase the performance and efficiency of the car, cosmetic changes give a snazzy look to the car. So we deal in only cosmetic changes which comes under graphics part. We do the graphics in such a way that the car turns out to be totally different from what it was

Our main motto is to help you modify your vehicle & provide you with all the information, tips, advice and the needed accessories. It doesn't matter whether you want to convert your car into really cool custom car or a really fast modified race car, we will provide you with the best required Solution.

Services We offer

  • CAR INTERIOR MODIFICATIONSThis includes Dash Board, Complete Leather / Faux Leather Interiors, Lights, Meters & Gauges, Hi End Music Systems and many more.

  • EXTERIOR MODIFICATIONSFibre / Steel Kits, Lambo Doors / Universal Door Kits, LED Lights, HIDs, Projectors/Angle Eyes/Devil Eye, Body Graphics, Hydraulic Axel Systems, Hydraulic Hood & Bonnet Systems and many more.

  • ENGINE MODSPerformance Kits / Partsm, Turbo Chargers / Boosters, Exhaust System with Headers, Oxy Flow, etc, Radium Spark Plugs and many more..

  • CAR SALE / PURCHASE We not only sell modified cars but we also purchase 2nd hand cars. So don't hesitate to call us for any such services.

  • CAR REPARING SERVICESFrom Mechanical & Auto Electrical Jobs to car Wash, Car Dry Cleaning, SKG Modifiers is a one stop solution for all your Auto repairing needs.